The Soundly Sleeping Club
The Exclusive Online Hub For Sleep Deprived Mums Who Want To Learn How To Teach Their Little Ones To Sleep Using Gentle, Evidence Based Strategies & Methods
Are you desperate for more sleep?
Are You Feeling Exhausted, Overwhelmed & Struggling With How Your Little One Sleeps?
Are You ready to make changes to how your little one sleeps but Need Support  Guidance & Accountability 
Are you Ready To Feel More Confident,  forge an Even closer Bond with your Little One AND GET MORE SLEEP?
Join The Soundly Sleeping Club today & Learn How To teach your little one to be an amazing little sleeper 
What is The Soundly Sleeping Club?

The Soundly Sleeping Club is The Exclusive Online Club & Mastermind For Sleep Deprived Mums Who Want To Learn How To Teach Their Babies To Sleep Through The Night Using Gentle, evidence based information & strategies that work!

You have access to expert knowledge and tools to teach you everything you need to  know to help you baby become a sound little sleeper.

With support, live clinics and private 121 sessions with Charmaine for the 12 weeks and then year long access to all the resources tools and info to help you with sleep in the frst year of your babies life!!! 

You're not alone in The Soundly Sleeping Club. You'll have me cheerleading you on  and the support of other mama members  right when you need it. 

  • There's no one size fits all approach.
  • Get the info you need so you can take action straight away
  • You’re guided & supported by a mum & expert who not only knows & understands early years & childhood development not just ' in theory'  but also has proven methods & experience of working overnight with countless babies & toddlers helping them sleep through the night. I'm not just a mum who taught her own baby to sleep, i've taught hundreds of babies & toddlers to sleep, all of them different and unique, all of them now amazing little sleepers.
  • There's no judgment of your parenting style or methods. I won't tell you you've made a rod for your own back or that nursing your baby to sleep is bad or not to co-sleep. I did all those things and more with my own baby & still had her sleeping through the night by 8 weeks.
  • I’ll share with you the tools knowledge and step by step methods and techniques to help you identify why your little one struggles with sleep and help your little one become a sound little sleeper.

Sleeping through the night is a developmental milestone for your baby and you can help them reach that milestone much faster when you have an understanding of baby development, whats normal and also the things that can have an impact on how they sleep.

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I've made everything super easy & accessible for you, as a club member you'll have access to:

On Demand Video Classes, audio trainings,Resources & Tools included but not limited to ......
  • Emotions & Sleep
  • Night Weaning
  • Self Settling To Sleep
  • Over- tiredness
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Nap Resistance and Short/cat naps
  • Baby Sleep Cycles
  • Sleep Regressions
  • Frequent Night Waking
  • Temperament & Personality & Sleep
  • Solving Sleep Issues
  • &  more!
Members only website
Immediate access to The Soundly Sleeping Club Membership portal that hosts all the club's on demand video classes audio trainings , tools & resources. Getting to the bottom of the most common sleep issues, covering the trickiest sleep topics. Not only will you be able to solve sleep struggles now but you'll also learn about other possible struggles that may arise in the future & have access to the resources to support you.
12 weeks of Support
monthly Live & Interactive Sleep Clinics
Join Live Sleep Clinics with Charmaine & have Instant answers to your questions and difficulties. All clinics are recorded and uploaded into the club for you to watch back when you need.
x2 1-2-1 Sleep Sessions

In addition to the live support, members site & FB community you will also have access to 2 private sleep sessions with Charmaine of up to 45 mins. Have Charmaine eyes and ears on your unique families sleep scenario and get expert advice on the steps you can take to optimise sleep for you and your little one!!

Members only Facebook Group
Access our club community on Facebook where i show up to support you every day and  meet other mums like yourself.
You're never alone in the club & you'll get to know & feel supported not only by me but  from other parents with similar struggles to your own. 
The club is perfect for you if:
  • You're ready to help your baby sleep better but have no idea where to start 
  • you feel overwhelmed and exhausted and need some support and guidance to steer you in the right direction
  • You feel you've tried everything to no avail 
  • You want information & advice that you can action straight away
  • You'd like the help & support of an expert who has helped hundreds of babies sleep well and other mums just like you
  • Leaving your baby to cry alone is just not an option for you
  • Waiting until they are older to solve sleep struggles is something you dread
  • You've had enough of the sleep deprivation and you're ready to taking action but need support and guidance along the way.
  • You're ready to feel more confident, reconnect with your baby & get more sleep!
Praise For The Soundly Sleeping Club!!

Join us today & gain access for the super early bird  price  of   £297
You can even spread the cost over 3 or 6 months!!!

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